Latest watercolour

Haven’t been able (or bothered) to paint for a while but did this the other day. It started out as just a drawing. Adding colour was an afterthought.

Latest watercolour

Might be included in my upcoming exhibition in Hastings 11-23 June.


First watercolours of 2018

Nobody’s at all interested but here’s some new watercolours.







Latest watercolours

Haven’t posted in a while – been getting back to the writing. In the evenings I’ve been painting.

For what it’s worth, here they are:


New watercolour

Got a little distracted by the election and didn’t paint anything at all. Finally got back into it on Friday night. This took 6 ½ hours from start to finish. It’s Harry, my former clarinet teacher. 

Meanwhile, here’s a piece I wrote on the same day for the British Boxers website.  It’s about the upcoming Mayweather-McGregor fiasco. 

I’m not buying it and nor should you


Still painting…

I’m gripped by a sort of semi-madness at the moment. Painting whenever I have a spare moment. No idea why. 

Here’s a few recent things I’ve done…


Returning to painting (after 30 years)

I don’t quite understand the reason but I’ve been painting again for the first time since art college back in the 1980s. Back then I always had a little thing for watercolour, so it kind of makes sense that I go back to that medium.

I drew and painted so much when I was a kid that I actually grew to hate it by the time I’d reached my early 20s. For the moment I’m really enjoying the physical process of building up layers of glazes to try and make something that resembles an object without ever trying to hide the fact that I’m using paint, coloured pigment suspended in a water-soluble solution. 

Watercolour appeals to my anorak nature: it’s slow and methodical, requiring thought and some understanding of technique. There’s a lot of time for comtemptation between glazes, although ironically I’ve just purchased a hair dryer in order to speed things up.
Below is a self-portrait, in various states of completion and a pineapple (no idea why I’d paint a pineapple).