The Boy From Clones – Barry McGuigan remembered

Occasionally the less modest part of me will post articles here I’ve had published which, I hope, are of a slightly better standard than the usual drivel I put out under my name.

This is my fawning tribute to the fabulous Barry McGuigan, a boxer who always be a part of my long forgotten youth.

This was published in Boxing News a fortnight ago, the first magazine who ever published me when I was in my twenties.

After a 30 year gap I’m back writing for them. If you’d have told me this a couple of years ago I wouldn’t have believed you. And it’s mainly thanks to the mag’s brilliant editor, who has become a personal friend and greatly enriched my life.

Check out Boxing News. It’s essential reading under Matt.


First watercolours of 2018

Nobody’s at all interested but here’s some new watercolours.