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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I too had a bad experience with my diagnoses. Finally I was put on meds that worked well for a long time. However lately I have all the signs you describe in your article. In the last 10 years I have ballooned to 270 lb. I can not think clearly, the flaky skin on my legs look like a horror movie. Only lately have I bin ask to take the thyroid medication 4 hours before all other medication and vitamins. Thanks to you I realize that I probable absorbing nothing of the thyroid medication because I take 6 other medications at the same time. I will find a way to create that 4 hour gab needed. Thank you and God bless you.



  2. Hi Helga. It’s a horrible disease isn’t it. I had the same sort of problem. I was self-medicating and taking lots of other pills. I think they affected my absorption of Levo, too. I foo hope you get on top of this and can start to live a more normal life.

    Ian xxx


  3. Hi Ian

    After being diagnosed with hashimotos two years ago those little pills changed my life. No more joint / leg pain at night, the ability to sleep at the right time returned as did my enthusiasm.

    I stumbled across your blog today however after a trip to the doctors with what I thought was a rash, but instead is the scaly dry skin you describe. I’m currently studying at university and most days am doing well, but today, and more and more days recently I have not been able to concentrate and have felt very tired. So many people think the little white pills are a cure all, but they’re not, and finding information about other treatment or ways of controlling this disease is frustratingly difficult.

    I hope you are now keeping well and thank you for sharing.

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  4. Dear Ian: I really enjoyed your post. I too have Hashimotos and was diagnosed 2 years ago. Looking back I suffered for over 10+ years of fainting, weight gain, pains, hair falling out, and many other very strange symptoms. I walked around thinking I had some undetectable disease because despite all that I described to my physician, and the ER docs during the many visits, no Doctor could find anything wrong. I was a classic case too. Very scary. Thankfully all the symptoms have subsided with taking thyroid medication (I take armour). It took a year to finally get the dose right. That wasn’t too fun but I made it through. I also originally fought taking the medication and learned the hard way that this just won’t work. I urge others to work with their physician to get the right med and dose to feel better. And you will feel so much better when you are balanced!

    I try to talk to people regularly about my experience to help spread awareness. I am pleased to see you posting yours and doing same! Good luck to you and thanks for having a place for us to all connect.


  5. Dear Ian,

    I work at a publishing house in the Netherlands, and am interested in your book Johnny Nothing. Could you please contact me, or send over a pdf or copy? Hope to hear from you.


  6. Told by a $400 a visit endocrinologist that people with Hypothyroidism can’t present with diarrhoea, insomnia, weight gain, backache and anxiety/panic attacks plus fatigue. TPO antibodies over 1,000 (should be between 20-60). According to him if diarrhoea was a symptom I would be Hyperthyroid, have lost weight and be full of energy. Dismissed me and every symptom I had. Anybody else out there had diarrhoea and turned out to be Hypo?


    • Yes. I’ve had exactly the same treatment from doctors until I saw a gastroenterologist consultant who said hypothyroidism essentially makes you sensitive to a lot of things. I’ve found a low fodmap diet plus a tbsp of linseeds really helpful. I would recommend seeing a gastroenterologist who knows about IBS and hypothyroidism.


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