On the nature of betrayal

And this type of reaction, I will learn, is in the very nature of betrayal. This is what betrayal can do to a person. Because after you discover that the one you trusted more than any other in the world is capable of such profound deception it is inevitable that you will seek out further examples of equivalent duplicity. And in doing so every memory that you share or have created with this person is suddenly open to reinterpretation. Every experience that you enjoyed or endured with this individual can never again be completely trusted. Meaningless incidents from your past will now be scrutinised with different eyes and from a different perspective. Your entire personal history will be cast into doubt. Every moment that you spent with this person has potential for untruth. Events which you thought were essential or inessential components of your personal evolution can no longer be taken as written. And the more that you dig the more you unearth. And the more you unearth the less steady becomes the ground on which you tread. And eventually that ground will give way and the foundations of your existence will crumble to nothing. And the hole in your life that remains is what it means to be betrayed.”