My Big, Fat, Gay Wedding!

Really really novel

gayweddingWhoopee! I’m getting married. next month. Low key, registry office jobby, but marriage nevertheless.

Nothing strange about that, and the fact that I’m marrying my lovely, adorable, supportive partner of 15 years and the fact that he, too, is a bloke…well…nothing unusual about that either, not in today’s “liberated” times.

Except that, to me, it actually is not just unusual, but weird.

You see, I’m a product of my background and age and I simply can’t imagine me as a young, gay boy, looking forward, seeing an older me getting married. I simply wouldn’t be able to process the concept. I wouldn’t have the intellectual, emotional or moral vocabulary to even begin to think about the idea.

Nowadays, I’m a very happy gay man. I make no apologies, I take no prisoners. Mock my sexuality to my face and and I’ll kick you in the balls and knock your teeth…

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4 thoughts on “My Big, Fat, Gay Wedding!

  1. Hi there. I’ve been browsing through my feeds, and I came across your Blog Page, your writings are all honest and raw, and I am really amaze by the fact that a lot of people, still loves to write and express their emotions through this passionate freedom, I will follow your Blog because I cannot wait to read more of your posts, and I hope you can follow my Blog Page as well, I really need opinions and thoughts about my writings. Thank you!


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