Out today – Dangerous by Ian Probert


Finally out today. The sequel to my 1998 book ‘Rope Burns’. Available initially in paperback.

Here’s the first review: http://www.boxingnewsonline.net/review-dangerous-an-intimate-journey-into-the-heart-of-boxing/

And a link to purchase: https://goo.gl/4UAnqr

4 thoughts on “Out today – Dangerous by Ian Probert

  1. Found Dangerous in my mailbox last night. From the start there is that humor again, when you engage in a staredown with the non-talkative Chinese therapist 🙂 I will take my time to read this book, as there are some tasks at hand (we’ve moved from our appartment into a house.) So glad the lad from Rope Burns continuous his story, better late than never! Greetings, -Wim (formerly known as Pinnekeshaar)


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