Dangerous by Ian Probert

This is the first pre-release review of my forthcoming book Dangerous. So glad and relieved it’s a good one.


Do something today that your future self will thank you for. (2)

Helllo readers, LISTEN UP, because I have a really special book for you. When I started writing reviews BACK IN THE DAY, the author Ian Probert got in touch and to be honest I’ve been reading everything he’s written ever since and that’s because it’s brilliant, and this book is no different. Less rambling from me, onto le review.

A quarter of a century ago journalist and author Ian Probert decided never to write about boxing again. His decision was prompted by the injuries sustained by boxer Michael Watson during his world title fight with Chris Eubank. Now, in common with so many fighters, Probert is making an inevitable comeback. Dangerous sees Probert return to the scene of an obsession that has gripped him from childhood. In the course of numerous meetings with a number of leading figures in the fight game, including Herol Graham, Steve Collins, Michael Watson and…

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One thought on “Dangerous by Ian Probert

  1. This review is absolutely correct in describing ‘Dangerous’ by Ian Probert as brilliant and unusual. It is certainly both and in abundance. I challenge anyone to read this book and come away with anything other than a heartfelt impression that you have encountered a text that is very special indeed, and as much as it’s hurts me to be complimentary about a fellow writer – especially the deeply cynical Probert – what a little ray of sleet he is (just kidding Ian – but not much!) – it’s impossible not to recognise the sheer superiority of not just the text but of the author himself. I believe this to be the best thing thing Probert has written and he is well and truly at the top of his game. I could write for a 1,000 years and never produce anything remotely as moving and as enthralling as this book. It pisses me off to be quite honest, Ian, you can allay your doubts, I believe you have written the book of the year and I can easily see this shortlisted for the William Hill sports book of the year award. It’s an absolute gem. Very,very well done Ian (but I’m still sick with jealousy).


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