Smack — Chapter 26


Dear Kitty
Excuse the dreadful handwriting but I’m writing this on my lap in someone’s car. You won’t believe what’s been happening to me lately. I’ve met this guy, his name’s John and he’s a bit older than me. I’ve known him for quite a long time but it’s only recently that we’ve become friends. He’s a little weird, not my usual type, but he’s quite cute and I think he fancies me a little ( a lot ha ha!). He doesn’t talk about it much but I think he’s got girlfriend trouble. I’ve been staying at his place while she’s away (He says she’s on holiday but I don’t think she is), he can’t keep his eyes off me but he’s scared stiff of doing anything about it (I’ve been trying to get into his pants for the past week – that’ll make it number 32 – I’m catching you up you old hussy!).
I’m in darkest Devon at the moment. It’s about eight o’clock and I’m sitting in John’s car while he goes off to see his parents (that’s another story… Well, actually, as I’ve got a spare few minutes I’ll give you a little detail. John’s father is dying of cancer and he’s not spoken to him for about 20 years. I’ve managed to persuade John to go and see him – it wasn’t easy, I tried blackmailing him first (well not really!!), then I tried talking some sense into him (he’s quite stubborn), then I even turned on the waterworks for a while and told him all about mum. I think in the end I just wore him down with my little tricks. He’s just gone off to see his dad now (I’m listening to the radio and guess what? …writing this letter to you!). We’re going to drive down to Dartmouth later on – he thinks we’re staying just the night but we’re going to stay for three or four days so it means we should be able to call on you and dad.
This letter might arrive after we’ve seen you so it may be a little out of date. I think you’ll like him when you meet him. He’s a strange sort of bloke but you kind of want to protect him. He’s going to need some protecting when I get my hands on him (ha ha!).
See you maybe Tuesday or Wednesday.
Love Carol XXX

PS Don’t tell dad – as if you would – that John’s already got a girlfriend.


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