Daily Mail thyroid article

After the article about my problems with hypothyroidism was published in the Guardian the Daily Mail called me and asked me to do something similar.

Obviously not a great fan of the Mail but after some thought I decided that it was better to get the message out to as many people as possible than let politics get in the way.

Some will agree and some will think that I’ve gone the thirty pieces of silver route. Whatever the case, it’s done now so I can’t change my mind.

Being the Mail they’ve made things a little more dramatic. This was to be expected. It was also a problem in that I didn’t want to just repeat verbatim what I put in The Guardian and on this blog. For this reason I decided to try to write the article completely from scratch.

I’m not particularly proud of the Mail article. And if I were to drop dead tomorrow, it’s not the thing I’d want on my gravestone ‘Here’s lies IanProbert. Daily Mail hypothyroid article writer…’ But as I say, it’s out there now and if it can help a few people who may not realise they have this disease then something positive will come out of it.

Here’s the link:



6 thoughts on “Daily Mail thyroid article

  1. bravo Ian, it’s good that they have published this story, if it makes one person go and get their thyroid checks who needs it, you may have changed that person’s life for the better. And I suspect it will have a far bigger impact than that. Well done you.


  2. Very good article Ian. I had no idea the full horror of your battle and what it entailed. The fainting is also commonly linked to severe B12 deficiency which is also a nightmare to get diagnosed.I hope you don’t resent my ‘it’s a feminist issue’ comment at the Parliament meeting last week. I know only too well many men suffer this disease but when it looked like the PTB were passing the buck, we had to keep reminding them this could potentially go to Equal Opportunities committee as it affects mostly women (that we know of). Politics being played out. Any progress will benefit us all, however it’s garnered. Keep writing, you have helped so much.


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