The end of a love affair – From Apple to Android


With some trepidation I recently switched from an iPhone to a Galaxy. Here’s how, why and what happened

Earlier this month I finally decided to ditch my lover. We’d been together for more than six years and it was no easy decision. There was pain, there were tears and more than a little heartache. But it had to be done. And if I’m brutally honest with myself the break-up was long overdue. Sure, we got on well – but then we always have done. And admittedly she was decent company, sometimes great fun to be with. But the truth of the matter was that I no longer found her attractive. And it’s an age-old truism that once the attraction has gone there is nothing left but memories.

I don’t need to tell you that things were very different when we first met. I remember it as if it were yesterday…

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