Lost Beatles Albums #2 1971

The second in a continuing series of ‘what if’ the Beatles had not broken up. What songs would have appeared on albums? Would they have been any good?

Again. a 14-track maximum

Beatles 1971

01. Imagine (Lennon)

02. Too many people (McCartney)

03. It don’t come easy (Starkey/Harrison)

04. Jealous Guy (Lennon)

05. Back Seat of my car (McCartney)

06. Bangla Desh (Harrison)

07. Oh my love (Lennon)

08. Heart of the country (McCartney)

09. How? (Lennon)

10. Tomorrow (McCartney)

11. Crippled inside (Lennon)

12. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (McCartney)

13. Early 1970 (Starkey)

14. Oh Yoko! (Lennon)


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