A poem

I’d never call myself a poet but here’s something I scribbled many years ago. Just a bit of fun.

As a cloud

I wandered lonely as a cloud,

A seagull skimmed my underside,

And all around was nought but blue,

And now and then a star shone through.

I wandered lonely as a cloud,

I puffed my chest out, feeling proud,

My arms were damp,

My teeth were wet,

I thought I was alone, but yet…

I wandered lonely as a cloud,

My eyebrows raised, I looked around,

Here and there a puff of white,

Others like me in my sight.

I wandered lonely as a cloud,

The wind was blowing rather loud,

It blew me close and I could see,

Another cloud that looked like me.

We shook our hands, we shook our feet,

And said that we were pleased to meet,

I shyly asked the cloud its name,

It coughed a bit and told me Graham.

I wandered lonely as a cloud,

My new friend Graham at my side,

I must confess it felt amiss,

Went Graham bent to give a kiss.

He kissed me here, he kissed me there,

I told him that it wasn’t fair,

He said that he had found true love,

“Oh dear,” I said, “heavens above!”

I wandered lonely as a cloud,

My friend said I was well endowed,

I gave a small embarrassed sigh,

When Graham tried to grab my thigh,

I tried to gasp, my cheeks went red,

When Graham asked me “where’s the bed?”

I moved away and vainly frowned:

“I’m really not that kind of cloud!”

But he was having none of it,

And asked me did I want a bit?

I told him no, I screamed, I cried,

But Graham would not leave my side.

And soon my tears were flowing free,

As Graham tried to finger me,

I felt his breath upon my face,

which made my tears increase their pace.

And suddenly Graham had gone,

My hail of tears obscured the sun,

And I was lying on the ground,

As hordes of people moved around.

I lingered lonely as a puddle,

My senses reeling, all a muddle,

With no-one there to share my pain,

My life went slowly down a drain.

Whatever waited down below,

I didn’t really want to know,

For one last time I saw the sky,

And noticed Graham floating by…


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